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Press and Review Notes

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Review Notes:

If you would like to write a review about our apps for your website or book, you can use the feedback link to ask for a free promo code.  Be sure to tell us where the review will be used in your request.

For your review, please note:

  • These apps will work on iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch devices.
  • The apps have been clinically tested.
  • These apps are not designed to be general purpose apps or games, but are instead designed for a specific type of therapy (DTT – Discrete Trial Training) and are designed to be very simple and to minimize distracting stimuli.
  • These apps can be used to help teach the basic colors/shapes/letters/numbers to children with autism, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), or any child who has trouble staying on task. 
  • Children can learn the colors/shapes in English, French, Norwegian or Spanish.  Other languages are being constantly added.
  • The Letters and Numbers apps are currently in English only.
  • Videos demonstrating the correct use of the app can be found on our support web site.
  • New DTT apps (sight-words) will be out soon.
  • People can sign-up to win copies of our future apps by joining our Facebook page: “Dr. Gary Brown’s Autism Apps”

Special notes for the Autism Letters App:

  • The Autism Letters app is just like our colors and shapes apps, except its for the letters of the alphabet.
  • There are 4 card types: Serif Font, Sans-Serif Font, Hand Printed Font and Hand Cursive Font. 
  • There are no language packs for the letters app yet.  Its currently English only.
  • Because the Autism Letters app only gives vocal cues to the letter requested, it cannot currently be used by children who cannot hear.  Future updates will include some sort of visual cues for the letters.
  • The Autism Letters app also teaches upper and lower case discrimination.
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